LC Messenger is cloud-based messaging service. It is based on the Firebase platform offered by Google Inc. for server-side. The messaging service is developed  and maintained by an evangelical ministry with a biblical Christian-friendly quality in mind. Only an Android client is available at the moment but we are looking to offer an ISO as well as web client versions should grace abound over the whole. The service is looking to maximize Christian friendliness through inclusion as well as excluding of features common on traditional pagan developed cloud-based instant messengers.

Typical coveted features are: 1. More flexible control over how the messenger client tracks the user’s presence and activity. As this tend to enslave users to conversations to their possible vexation amongst other possible disagreeable ends. 2. Control over contacts’ profile pictures – with flexibility such as being able to disable one or all contacts’ profile pictures as these are often times found offensive, vain or inappropriate. Mostly because we are hardly ever only acquainted to pious Christian contacts. 3. Control over compromised but ‘supposed’ to be value adding feature such as emojis, sticker and GIFs  – many of which are inappropriate, vain or obscene and therefore not consistent with Christian holiness amongst shames.

Of cause any of the established non-Christian instant messaging services could easily incorporate (with their business class developers) all Christian friendly flexibility concerns provided they could give a hearing ear each time one arises. But virtually all are RIO (as well as carnal appetites) driven and will not naturally heed any raised concern that is more spiritual than otherwise. Making it necessary for Christians to rear up and maintain their own systems to efficiently cater for certain situations. Further reading on the SermonIndex thread here).

Android client available via Play Store