How to get started creating an account?

Install the messenger client from here (if not already installed), and then launch it. Once launched, you should be prompted to select your country (you may type it in the search field). Then you shall need to input your phone number without the 0 digit in the other field – then click next. You should then receive a verification code that the messenger normally captures and process automatically few seconds after. You may enter in manually if not so.

How do I invite someone over to the messenger?

You should be able to invite anyone on your contacts lists. To do this, tap the Contacts tab on the far right of the messenger menu. Tap the Invite button > tap Invite via Text/SMS > modify the pre-populated text of simply send. Text/SMS rates sadly applies for this action.

How to check which of my contacts use the messenger once the app/client is running?

Tap the circular button at the bottom right. Contacts already using the messenger should appear with a small green circle and a white tick instead. You may tap any of these contacts to start messaging them.

I have a contact who already use the messenger but I still see the Invite button under the Contacts tab.

If this happens, try to edit their contact and replace the 0 with the country code. And example would be: +27 73 546 8989 instead of 073 546 8989 – where +27 is the country code.

Android client available via Play Store