Prime features

To foster the Christian friendly quality, the messenger aims to shun every materially compromised feature common on instant messaging services developed by the Godless - below are features already intergrated:

Profile Pictures

The messaging service clients do not support custom profile picture usage. Instead a simple dp placeholder is used. This meaning that the chances of possible offense from careless use of somewhat obscene profile pictures by user's contacts are invalidated. Images can still be handled on the chat board.

Emoji Fonts

All user clients are to offer no native support for Emojis. While not all, many emoji icons/fonts were found to be vain, arrogant and somewhat obscene. Currently, users with keyboard applications that supports Emojis (such as Gboard) can still post emoji icons but we are hoping to invalidate this as well.

Presence & Activity

The messenger's service client is expected to offer options to toggle off online status sharing as well as typing indicator amongst other anticipated flexibilities around presence monitoring. While these may have their place, they tend to create a sense of obligation to conversations as well as potentially impairing needed privacy.

Messenger screenshots


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Android client available via Play Store